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Aerial Hoop (Lyra)


Aerial Tissu (Silks)

Learn to scale unimaginable heights with ease. Gain the confidence to tumble through the air, the strength to hold yourself with one arm and the body awareness to elegantly wrap and unwrap the fabric around your body.


Our classes are designed to take you from the earliest beginner to the strongest most confident version of yourself possible.


With a combination of strengthening exercises, skills and sequences unlock a new found love. Inspire and challenge yourself and be pleasantly surprised with your capabilities with aerial silks! You will learn Innovative and intricate ways to flow on the silk! Learn new sequences, broken down into slow, attainable steps, that will have your mind twisting but your body flowing! Learn transitions of skill to skill, with various add-on’s, poses and simple drops to create new ways sequencing in the air!


Join us in the studio to unlock your aerial potential.

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